School Level Scholarship & Competitive Exam

Education is the secret key of human success and the roots of education lie in competition. Today, competitive exams sit at the core of the Indian education system. Just like games, Competitive Exams also create competition among students. Competitive exams are a positive push for students towards their excellence. Real excellence is when the academic knowledge is used efficiently to get through competitive exams. Nowadays, there are various Scholarship & Competitive exams conducted by government or private bodies for students from class 1 onwards. These exams provide very good support to student by offering scholarships. It’s always the rewards which keep students going in positive direction towards their goals. It builds up positive spirit among students and gives ambition and motivation for students. The main aim of competitive exam is to improve intellectual, logical skills and reasoning capabilities among students. These competitive exams are combination of aptitude and subject knowledge & gateway to some of the best courses and institutes in the country.


HIT is offering expert guidance & coaching for school level scholarship & competitive exams to students. We have a team of experienced, efficient & well qualified teachers. Apart from regular classroom coaching, we provide our own study materials developed by our experts & model question papers with solutions to our students. After course completion we arrange Mock Tests Series based on actual examination to build confidence & eliminate exam anxiety among our students. We provide personal attention to each & every students. We organize regular interactive sessions with parents to provide them their children’s performance.

Mode of study-

Classroom coaching- This mode is for those students who can come to our centers to attend classroom coaching.

Distance learning- Those students who can’t join classroom coaching can join our distance learning mode. We provide them Study material & Set of model question papers with solutions developed by our experts. We arrange special difficulty solving sessions on demand. They also attend our Mock Test Series.

Our Courses:-

Maharashtra Government Scholarship Exam Preparation Course (5th/8th Standard)

This exam is conducted by the state government of Maharashtra for the students of 5th and 8th standard. The Course Content comprises mathematics, mental abilities, grammar of English and Marathi language. The aim of the course is to acquaint the students with the competitive exams and laying foundation for their best performance.

Dr. Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Exam Preparation Course (6th and 9th Standard)

Dr. Homi Bhabha BalVaidnyanik Examination (Junior Scientist) is an exam conducted by the Mumbai Science Teachers Association. The main aim of this exam is to encourage students to take keen interest in science and its application in their daily lives. As this examination doesn’t have any prescribed textbooks and rudimentary pattern, students must have a very good conception & knowledge about Science subject.

Olympiad / Foundation Course (5 th /6 th /7 th /8th standard)

The Olympiad examination is taken to test knowledge of English, Science and Mathematics. This Olympiad program is undertaken, predominantly to stimulate enthusiasm and a love for these subjects and to strengthen aspirant’s intuition. Nonetheless, grip over above mentioned subjects, determines grip over numerous competitive examinations. Our classroom training is geared towards guiding our students for excellent performance.

We prepare our students for following examinations

Sr. No Name of Exam Eligibility Subjects Exam Month
1. Maharashtra Government Scholarship Exam Std. 5th & Std. 8th Math English Marathi Intelligence Test February-2020
2. Math Olympiad Std. 5th, Std. 6th, Std. 7th & Std. 8th Math & Logics December-2019
3. Science Olympiad Std. 5th, Std. 6th, Std. 7th & Std. 8th All Science Subjects & Logics December-2019
4. English Olympiad Std. 5th, Std. 6th, Std. 7th & Std. 8th English December-2019
5. Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Exam Std. 6th & Std. 9th Physics Chemistry Biology October-2019

Early exposure to learning and competition builds confidence and sharpens skills which raise level from other students on the same platform. Competitive exams enhance the skill of understanding & concepts. Competitive exams develop IQ, logical and analytical thinking and build a strong foundation for a career. Exams not only increase knowledge, they also strengthen the memory. Competitive exams also help out in choosing a career as students start identifying their areas of interest while getting a deeper knowledge of subjects. Awards, rewards and scholarships not only provide financial assistance in further studies but also boost morale while moving ahead in the future. It's just a myth that they can hamper regular studies.

Fees Structure

Sr. No Name of Exam STD FEES
1. Maharashtra Government Scholarship Exam
Std. 5th
Std. 8th
2. Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Exam Std. 6th
Std. 9th
3. English Olympiad Std. 5th& Std. 6th
Std. 7th & Std. 8th
4. Science Olympiad Std. 5th& Std. 6thor Std. 7th & Std. 8th 6,000/-
5. Math Olympiad Std.5 th & 6
Std.7 th & 8 th