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Computer Basic (MS Office Course)

Enroll in HITMI’s top-quality MS Office course to enhance your skills and excel in various office tasks. With our hands-on training, you’ll become proficient in using MS Office tools for improved productivity.

Benefit from practical sessions, industry-relevant training, expert mentorship, and more with HITMI’s MS Office course.

Benefits Obtained :

About MS Office Course

HITMI’s MS Office Course provides a comprehensive curriculum to enhance your office productivity skills. From Word to Excel, PowerPoint to Outlook, we cover all aspects of using MS Office tools effectively.

With the increasing demand for MS Office proficiency, our course opens doors to lucrative career opportunities. Our hands-on training ensures you’re proficient in MS Office within a short time, guided by experienced mentors.

You’ll master Word processing, spreadsheet creation, presentation design, and more, working on practical tasks to build proficiency. Upon completion, receive a recognized certification validating your expertise in MS Office tools.

Whether you’re new to MS Office or seeking to enhance your skills, our flexible curriculum caters to diverse learning goals. Join HITMI’s MS Office Course today and excel in your office tasks.

What you'll learn

This course includes

Course Curriculum

MS Office:
  • Introduction to Word Processor Packages
  • Computer Introduction and Definition
  • CPU (ALU, Control Unit, Memory)
  • Hardware and Software
  • Creating Folders
  • Input Output Devices
  • Operating System Fundamentals
  • Utilities
MS Word:
  • Creating, Editing, Saving, and Printing Text Documents
  • Font and Paragraph Formatting
  • Simple Character Formatting
  • Inserting Tables, Smart Art, Page Breaks
  • Using Lists and Styles
  • Working with Images
  • Using Spelling and Grammar Check
  • Understanding Document Properties
  • Mail Merge
MS Excel:
  • Spreadsheet Basics
  • Creating, Editing, Saving, and Printing Spreadsheets
  • Working with Functions & Formulas
  • Modifying Worksheets with Color & Auto Formats
  • Graphically Representing Data: Charts & Graphs
  • Speeding Data Entry: Using Data Forms
  • Analyzing Data: Data Menu, Subtotal, Filtering Data
  • Formatting Worksheets
  • Securing & Protecting Spreadsheets
MS PowerPoint:
  • Opening, Viewing, Creating, and Printing Slides
  • Applying Auto Layouts
  • Adding Custom Animation
  • Using Slide Transitions
  • Graphically Representing Data: Charts & Graphs
  • Creating Professional Slides for Presentation

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Why Choose HITMI Institute for Best MS Office Course

Project & Assignments

Our program gives you lots of practical skills and knowledge for real-world situations. You'll work on real projects and tasks to learn effectively.

100% Job Assurance

Explore HITMI's commitment to securing your career with us. Take the opportunity to experience our quality training firsthand & gain confidence in our 100% job assurance

Expert Mentorship

Get valuable guidance and unwavering support from experienced mentors who are dedicated to assisting you throughout your journey to success.

Hands on Experience

Our approach is practical, offering hands-on experience with live, interactive training. This lets you utilize what you learn in real-time situations.

Work on Live Projects

Our emphasis lies in honing practical skills and enhancing real-world capabilities. You'll engage in live projects, crafting a strong portfolio for your future career pursuits.

Recognized Certification

Upon successfully finishing our course, you'll receive a widely recognized certification, paving the way for numerous career opportunities in India and globally.


Frequently Asked Questions

What computer skills are required for the MS Office course at HITMI?

Basic computer literacy is sufficient for the MS Office course at HITMI. We provide comprehensive training from the ground up.

Is the MS Office course at HITMI suitable for beginners?

Yes, the MS Office course at HITMI is designed for beginners. Our experienced instructors guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

What topics are covered in the MS Office course at HITMI?

The MS Office course at HITMI covers essential topics such as Word processing, Spreadsheet management, Presentation creation, and Email communication using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

How long is the duration of the MS Office course at HITMI?

The duration of the MS Office course at HITMI varies depending on the program chosen. However, our courses are designed to provide comprehensive training within a reasonable timeframe.

Does HITMI provide any certification upon completion of the MS Office course?

Yes, upon successful completion of the MS Office course at HITMI, you will receive a recognized certification validating your skills and knowledge in Microsoft Office applications.

Is there a certification upon completion of the course?

Yes, you will receive a recognized certification from HITMI Institute upon successfully completing the Computer Basic Course.