English Fluency Course

This module has been designed to help students to speak in English confidently. This Course would help students to communicate with any one in basic english language.

Courses Content

Word power helps students in learning basic words used in daily life. This course also helps to improve your vocabulary. Word power provides assistance to students in sentence formation. This would help a lot in starting conversation on various situations in their daily life.

The basics of grammar is of prime importance while learning any language. Students learn sentence structures. This also gives an insight into joining sentences using prepositions. English grammar would take students through various topics like nouns, verbs and usage of grammar in conversation.

Students would learn translation of tenses from Hindi/Marathi to English using rules applicable to tenses. Through reading and listening to comprehensions students understanding of the language would improve. Various topics on comprehension are discussed and practiced in class.

Conversation practice in English enables an individual to learn basic conversation on daily activities like greeting, inviting, thanking seeking direction. Students are taught tiny dialogues which are related to real-life situations or events. A lot of scenarios are practiced in class amongst the student.

Where in a lot of mock sessions in class help individuals to gain confidence while interacting with others. These sessions are extremely helpful in gaining confidence and encourage students to speak on a variety of situations. A lot of assistance is provided to students to shed their inhibitions and start interacting in class.

Students learn about formal and informal letters. This course also teaches drafting of mails both to clients and inter/intra office mails. Having learnt this, students would now be in a position to find their dream jobs.

This would be helpful while applying grammar to frame sentences. Beginners would find this extremely helpful in formulation of sentences. On becoming fluent in English students would not need this but it helps a lot while learning.