Certificate in Data Science

Data science is the science of extracting knowledge from data. It involves identifying, exploring and modeling data in order to find meaningful insights that can help us understand our world better. The primary aim of this guide is to demystify the concept of data science and teach you how to get started on becoming a successful data scientist (or, at least, a solid candidate). The world of data science is vast and complex. It’s a field that requires many skill sets, from programming to statistics and machine learning. It is also an ever-evolving discipline, with new methodologies emerging every year and technologies constantly being adopted by businesses in their quest for growth. In today's world, data science is the new trend that is sweeping the globe. It is estimated that the data science industry will reach a value of $20 billion by 2022. This course will demystify Data Science and reveal how you can make money from it. This course is designed to help people who have no background in data science or programming. It will show you how to get started with Data Science, from setting up your environment to building your first model. If you are an experienced data scientist, this course is for you too! You will learn about the latest technologies and methodologies used by top companies like Google and Amazon.

Future in Data Science

Data scientists are the professionals who are responsible for understanding and analyzing data sets to find insights. They use statistics, machine learning and other tools to extract knowledge from data. The data scientist is a relatively new profession in the world of business, one that has only been around since the late 1990s. The field is still evolving, with new technologies paving the way for more advanced methods of analysis. A career in data science is an exciting opportunity for those who have an analytical mind and enjoy working with numbers. Data scientists work in a number of industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, tech and more. Data science is a relatively new field, with its first graduates in 2002. Yet it has already been predicted that the job market for data scientists will grow by 45% between 2016 and 2024. Large organizations such as IBM and Microsoft have committed to hiring over 10,000 data scientists worldwide over the next 5 years. This is a great opportunity for recent graduates without an advanced degree in a related field to trade into these positions.

  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Visualization techniques
  • EDA & Data storytelling
  • Machine Learning Foundation
  • Machine Learning Intermediate
  • Machine Learning Advance
  • Basics of AI, tensorflow & keras
  • Deep Learning Foundation
  • SQL for data Science
  • Tablue
  • After 10th/12th & above
  • 6 Month
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analytics
  • Huge demand in market
  • Fastest growing industry